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Supriya Suman


A certified 200 RYT yoga instructor with about 3 years of yoga teaching and many more years of personal sadhana in balanced hata yoga. Few words from her-�My journey in yoga began in India with A1000 Yoga studio, where the exemplary teachers taught us the "Yoga" way of life. It is not just an exercise form, it is transcending body, mind, a journey of self to higher self through awakening higher consciousness. Self-awareness and spiritual well-being are at the core of this holistic practice. I believe in spreading positive vibes and blissful energy through the practice of yoga. Love teaching and learning from my fellow yogis�. Expertise in skills like- Hata Yoga Vinyasa Yoga Balanced Flow Pranayama (Breathing Practices) Meditation Yoga Nidra Thematic Yoga Practices Modifications & Contraindications

+1 (408) 482- 4598